Monday, 31 August 2020

Dareduff Hill

30 August 2020

Participants: Just me

Where: Dareduff Hill, 269m/883', P 44m, Tump, OS 64, NS 457 525

Another of the Renfrewshire/Ayrshire Tumps, this one should really have been left to the winter! The trees were reasonably spaced out even although I missed the ride that I should have taken on the way in- the start was a bit further along the clearing between the bits of forestry than I expected but I found it OK on the way back. The clearing itself was pretty vegetatious however. Nevertheless I managed to find the high point without difficulty, it was situated above a small pond. This one will be good if they ever chop down the trees. Memo to self- a nice open hill with a good view next.

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