Thursday, 18 June 2020

King's Seat Hill (Clackmannan)

18 June 2020

Participants: Just me
Where: King's Seat Hill (Clackmannan), 58m/192', P. 33m, Tump, OS 58, NS 906 919

This is another of the newly promoted Tumps and one that fully justifies its status. It is crowned by Clackmannan Tower with the high point of the hill close to the north wall. The Tower has lots of Royal connections. It is thought that Royalty might have first used the site in the reign of Malcolm IV in the 11th century. The earliest part of the Tower seems to date from the early 14th century, extensive alterations took place in the 1400's and a mansion house, now demolished, was added in the late 1500's. The occupants were descendants of relatives of Robert the Bruce and they occupied the Tower until the late 1700's. At present, the tower can only be viewed from the outside, which is a pity as there must be an even better view from the top.

I parked at the top of the main street close by the old Tollbooth and Mercat Cross.....

The Tower was only a short distance away. As I expected, the hill was a wonderful viewpoint. The Ochil Hills are a short distance to the north and this viewpoint revealed Ben Cleuch, the highest, which hides away from lower down.....

There was also a great view of Dumyat through the trees from just west of the Tower.....

The view south over the Forth to the lowlands was a bit industrial!

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