Friday, 26 June 2020

Gartcarron Hill East, a new Tump in the Campsies

24 June 2020
Participants: Just me. I am a bit worried that Ben is developing a weakness in his front legs so I will probably leave him at home until his next visit to the vets.

Where: Gartcarron Hill East, 389m/1,032', P 30.6m, Tump, OS 57/64, NS 654 848

Another of the hills that has been resurveyed and this time one very close to home in the Campsie Fells. I had already done Gartcarron Hill but its east top although over the 30m prominence mark, was very different. The main top was in pasture, this one was in a forest, most easily reached from the Meikle Bin car park at xxxx. The warm weather had brought out the crowds and I had to park further down the road as the car parking area was full. However everyone was clearly bound for either the reservoir or Meikle Bin and I saw no one after leaving the main track.  I soon turned off the main track on to a disused one. The walking was very pleasant with broom bushes in places, apart that is from the swarms of flies. Summer has arrived!

The track continued all the way to the summit area. Unfortunately the high point was in the trees, somewhere around here.....

It was back the same way, a very pleasant short day. There was a good view of the two tops from the Crow Road on the way back. 

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