Monday, 5 August 2019

Knock Jargon (Ardrossan Hills) and Portencross Castle

2 August 2019
Participants: Neil and Ben
Where: Knock Jargon, 231m/758', P 37m, Tump, OS 63, NS 236 473
The real purpose of this trip was to have a look at the Tumps around West Kilbride for possible bagging targets later- it was too warm and humid to tackle them today especially as most of them appear to be covered in gorse. I also wanted to revisit Portencross Castle, which had had a lot of restoration work done to it since I had last visited. The Friends of the Castle have transformed the place, it is now a really good and interesting visitor attraction well worth spending some time visiting and of course its situation is impressive with the hills of Arran in the background. The castle dates from the mid-1,300s and is associated with the Stewart Kings.

After viewing the castle and taking a walk along the shore path, we headed for home. I took the B780 which runs along the foot of the Ardrossan Hills. They are now covered in turbines so there were also tracks which made walking easier. Hmmm, maybe just a short hill walk.....
I parked at the entrance to the wind farm at the west end of a small reservoir. The track wound gently up the hillside, lots of sheep so Ben stayed on the lead. The target of Knock Jargon came into view- another hill that had had a fort on it in days long ago.....
The final few hundred metres were across rough pasture with a final steep climb to reach the small cairn. Unfortunately, there was a herd of cows just the other side of the hill so we didn't linger in case they took an interest. I was a bit disappointed in the views, the best were towards Arran and up the estuary to Cumbrae but maybe if we had been able to spend more time on the summit having a good look around it would have been better. However, dogs and cows don't mix well.....


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