Saturday, 18 May 2019

A Week in Oban, Part 5: Dun Iadain (Glen Feochain).

5 May 2019
Participants: Just me, sheep were on the hill so Ben stayed in the car 
Where: Dun Iadain (Glen Feochain), 111m/364', P 33m, Tump, OS49, NM 911 241.
The weather was a bit cloudier today but visibility remained excellent. I made the short journey to Glen Feochain, just south of Oban, to climb the Tump, Dun Iadain, an ancient Iron Age fort that commands extensive views both up and down the glen. There is very little left although you can see where one of the defensive walls had been. The structure was reckoned to be about 57m long by 19m wide internally.
It was only a short climb although quite steep......


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