Tuesday, 26 February 2019

Strowan Hill (Crieff)

25 February 2019
Participants: Neil and Ben
Where: Strowan Hill, 99m/325', P 34, Tump, OS 57, NN 817 213
The weather was unseasonably mild, in fact, today was the warmest February day since records began with the temperature nudging above 20. It was hovering around the 14/15 degree mark in Perthshire as we visited this little Tump. There are lots of similar hills in the area (see last post) but this one was devoid of the thick tree cover that plagues the others and was extremely pleasant.
I parked at the Strowan Woodland Cemetery, which was established in 2006 to provide a natural resting place- no headstones or other memorials, just a simple plate giving details. It is an incredibly beautiful place overlooking the river Earn. The Cemetery occupies part of the lower slopes of the hill. This is the view as we approached the high ground.....
There are some nice old trees here and a fine view north to the hills around Ben Chonzie.....

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