Friday, 17 July 2020

Keir Brae and a walk round Loch Ore

16 July 2020

Participants: Neil and Ben

Where: Keir Brae, 139.4m/457', P. 30.7m, Tump, OS 58, NT 237 945

Another trip to Fife this time to bag another of the new Tumps- Keir Brae at Cardenden. The use of Lidar technology is making measurement more accurate but is a bit of a two edged sword for hill baggers; hills are being added to the lists but at least an equal number are being deleted. I feel as if I'm bagging to stand still!

There was plenty parking available and a good track into the wood and then a network of paths through it. There was a trig which wasn't the high point but which I visited anyway. The views to the north from the edge of the wood took in the Lomond Hills. The high point was in the higher trees at the edge of a steep drop down towards the busy A92. 

It was still early in the day so I drove to Lochore Meadows Country Park for a walk around the loch. The car park area was busy but we only had to walk a few hundred yards to get away from the crowds. The park is well kept and impressive- a redeveloped coal mining area, much improved since the only other time I had been there. The loch walk is 3.5 miles long on a good track with great views of the Marilyn, Benarty Hill. Really nice and must be even more interesting in winter when all the over wintering birds are present.


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