Friday, 19 July 2019

A couple of "drive-by" Tumps- Hillhead Hill and Cross Ridge

16 July 2019

Participants: Neil and Ben
Where: Hillhead Hill, 253m/830', P 32m, Tump, OS 72, NS 977 406 and Cross Ridge, 310m/1,017', P 58m, Tump, OS 72, NS 933 378
The heading says it all! I had walked round Lanark Loch and these two Tumps were only a short distance away. I followed side roads towards Thankerton and drove up towards Hillhead Farm- the highest point was at the end of the public road just before reaching the buildings. The hill is the one with the trees on it in the first photo.....
 Cross Ridge is south of the village of Carmichael. At least I needed a short walk to get to the high point of this one- circa 25 yards from a gate where I parked! There were good views of both Carmichael Hill and Tinto.....


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