Tuesday, 1 January 2019

Craigforth (Stirling)

1 January 2019

Participants: Just me
Where: Craigforth, 68m/223', P57m, TuMP, OS 57, NS 773948

Fine weather to start 2019, let's hope that it is a good omen for the rest of the year. I had passed Craigforth on hundreds of occasions but never got round to climbing it. Today was perfect to change that- early frost but clearing by mid-morning, clear skies, few people about. I wanted a longer walk so parked beside Kings Knot  at the foot of the castle and followed the southerly approach to the hill. This is it from close to the start.....

After leaving the footpath that runs alongside the A811 I followed a good track passing the houses at Kersebonny. Getting closer.....

There were lots of warning signs at the foot of the hill about difficult, slippery ground none of which were necessary as there was a good path all the way to top. I was pleasantly surprised at how open it was at the top , from afar it looks as though the trees are tightly packed. The highest point was at the edge of a cliff face and there were good views to the west with Ben Lomond prominent.....

A pleasant start to the year.

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