Friday, 21 October 2016

A Visit to Shropshire (and Wales): Y Golfa

13 October 2016

Participants: Just me
Where: Y Golfa, 341m/1119', Sub-2k Marilyn, Map 125, SJ 182071
I decided to have the morning looking round Shrewsbury- a busy and interesting City. The weather wasn't too bad, there were showers around but basically it was another useable day. So I decided that I had better get my boots back on and spend the afternoon on a hill. Something short and easy; Y Golfa a couple of miles west of Welshpool fitted the bill. This one was definitely mixing both language and sports- its western slopes were occupied by a golf course! And what a course. Well kept, looked testing, and fantastic views. Apparently Welsh course of the year a couple of years ago.
There was a narrow layby on the main road which I didn't fancy so I drove up a minor road to the golf club house and asked permission to park there. It was readily granted, there was apparently only one person playing the course. A track took me most of the way and where it ended I followed the edge of the fairway to the heathery area which contained the trig. About an hour there and back. Here are the photos.....


It was certainly different!


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