Wednesday, 19 June 2019

Whitelee Hill

18 June 2019
Participants: Neil and Ben
Where: Whitelee Hill, 282m/925', P 30m, TuMP, OS 70 NS 546429
This is the most southern TuMP in the Whitelee Wind farm in North Ayrshire. I followed the Hareshawmuir road to its end where there is parking for a few cars and followed the track past the now demolished house at Craigends. There has been a lot of new planting amongst the existing conifers, mostly deciduous trees I was glad to see. The view from the start.....

It certainly wasn't an inspiring walk, following a good track almost all the way on virtually level ground. Approaching the highest point.....
I left the main track immediately past a quarry and followed another track past lots of "Danger" and "Keep Out" signs relating to what looked as though it had been a farm at one time to the trig which was in a clearing thus affording some views.....

Really just a longer than usual dog walk but with the bonus of another TuMP tick!

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