Sunday, 16 February 2014

Craig of Monievreckie (again!)

16 February 2014

Participants: Neil and Ben
Where: Craig of Monievreckie, 400m/1,312', Sub-2k Marilyn, Map 57 NN 547020

I'll just do a short report and put up a few pictures from todays walk as the Craig has featured a few times in the blog already. The 20 odd mile drive from home takes me into the fringes of the Highlands which is one of the reasons why I like this hill so much- you can see proper hills from it! And what a difference a bit of blue sky makes- it seems to have been almost perpetual grey since about the beginning of December.

I parked up at the Braeval forestry car park a couple of miles east of Aberfoyle and set off up the forest track. It didn't take long till I reached the gate on to the open hillside.....

There was some snow on the ground, even at this level and the higher hills were plastered. This is looking to the trig and then past it east to Beinn Dearg, another sub-2k.....

Ben was fair enjoying himself running around but he stopped long enough at the trig to get his photo taken with Ben Venue in the background......

And then it was back the same way!