Sunday, 12 October 2014

Mountain Bothies- Celebrating 50 years of the MBA

12 October 2014

The book is now available, £10 per copy including p&p obtainable through the MBA website

This is what is in it:
"Anyone who travels in the remoter parts of the country will almost certainly have come across a mountain bothy. These are usually old cottages or farm buildings which, with the agreement of the owners, have been restored as basic shelters, open to all.
Over 100 such shelters are maintained by volunteers from the Mountain Bothies Association. This book tells the story of how Bernard Heath formed the Association 50 years ago. It recalls how some of the buildings which are today’s bothies were found. It includes the history of some of these buildings and of the people who once lived in them.  It includes tales of work parties, some of which have found their way into MBA folklore, and shows that although materials and methods of working may have changed, the enthusiasm of volunteers has not. Illustrated by photographs, line drawings, and cartoons, it is a celebration of 50 years of activity by volunteers who take delight in maintaining simple shelters in remote country for the use and benefit of all who love wild and lonely places."

It is essential reading for anyone who uses or has used these unique shelters.

Friday, 3 October 2014

Out of action/ Book to be published shortly

3 October 2014

I've been unable to go hillwalking for the last few weeks due partly to a knee injury and partly because I had another (unrelated) hospital stay. However I'm over the latter and the former seems to be clearing up at last. It was a simple tweak of the muscles below the kneecap when I was coming down the hill but I could hardly walk the following days. Years of hillwalking must be taking their toll! I'll have to go even slower in future.

I hope to try my knee out in a short walk when I am at the MBA AGM in the north of England in a fortnights time. Talking of the MBA, the 50th anniversary book which I have been working (with others) on compiling for the past two years is to be published next week. It is a celebration of  half a century's worth of maintaining bothies- tales of work parties, the buildings themselves and the folk who used to live in them, bothy nights and so on. Lots of photos and drawings as well. Hope folk find it a good read. It can be obtained through the MBA website and all profits go towards the on-going work of maintaining these fine shelters.