Thursday, 9 May 2019

A week in Oban, Part 1: Barra Mor and Fair Coilich

1 and 3 May 2019
Participants: Neil and Ben
Where: Barra Mor, 92m/302', P 40m, TuMP, OS 49, NM 856 312; Fair Coilich, 120m/394', P 31m, Tump, OS 49, NM 866 261
There are 3 Tumps within the town boundary, all overlooking the esplanade. I had travelled up on 1 May for a weeks stay, the weather was cloudy most of the way up but was obviously better near the coast. It turned into a glorious evening so I decided on a walk up Barra Mor. Unfortunately this one is tree covered but there was a rough path and as the bluebells were in full bloom, it was a really nice walk. Not so nice in high summer I would imagine. There was no view from the top....

I was staying at Lerags Glen, just south of the town. A short diversion on the way back gave me another Tump, Fair Coilich, which is off the east side of the A816. This one was very easy, a short walk up a track to a communications mast with the grassy summit just beyond. There was a view from this one, north to Ben Cruachan which was to be a familiar sight most of the week.....

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